About us

Modern dentistry at its very best

Leading Yorkshire dental practice, Fartown, was taken over by Fartown Ltd. In 2010 the practice was re-launched to encompass brand new technology and promote a holistic and progressive approach to modern dentistry.

We’re passionate about helping our patients achieve the perfect smile and we understand just how much of a confidence boost a healthy and attractive set of teeth can be. That’s why we work with you as a team to develop a treatment plan that suits your individual requirements and offers you the smile you desire.

Our commitment to clinical excellence underpins three key areas of oral health – prevention guidance, restorative care and cosmetic treatments. Alongside cutting edge surgeries we’re proud to say that our contamination rooms meet with gold standards of excellence for decontamination. Not only that, all our patients are welcome to relax in a comfortable lounge where you can even surf the internet.

Each member of staff regularly attends leading dental industry training courses and seminars, keeping the practice abreast of medical research and developments, enabling us to implement the very latest treatments with almost immediate effect.

For any questions or concerns please contact us on 01484 545 045 or email info@fartowndental.co.uk